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          Glory and development news about Isfahan attracted several commercial and political delegations. Fortunately some of these travelers have written remarkable pieces of information about Isfahan. Naser Khosrow (1004-1688) is a famous Iranian poet and learned man. He has written about the prosperous and beautiful Isfahan. He wrote an important article about the Jame mosque. Another Moslem famous traveler was called Ibne Batutta. He was a Moslem scholar. Most of his trips were taken in Islamic countries. He traveled for more than 30 years. He traveled to some parts of Africa and for east too.

            Marco Polo, the famous European traveler visited Isfahan in 1330. He found Isfahan a very beautiful and large city.

          In the 17th  century stories about glory and development of Isfahan were heard in European countries. Pietro Della Valle (1586-1652) stayed in Isfahan for more than four years. He wrote remarkable pages on Isfahan. He was lucky enough to be accepted as royal guest and welcome by the Shah of that time.

      In 1619 Don Garcia Silva Figueroa visited Isfahan and called it as the noblest city of Persian Kingdom. Chardin and Tavernier were two other famous European travelers who have written two books on Isfahan.

      The most detailed description about Isfahan was written by them. Chardin was not an impartial guest of Persia’s capital. Antony Shirley and Robert Shirley were two brothers and British citizen who visited Isfahan in the 17th century. They were welcome by Shah Abbas the great. They encouraged the Shah to fight against Ottoman Empire and rebuilt trade and business activities between Iran and Europe. Several foreign delegations, especially diplomatic delegations have left their notes about 17th to 20th century of Isfahan.

          There were prominent English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian have left their judgment about the advanced Isfahan during Safavid dynasty. James Morrier an English diplomat who spent few years in Iran in the 19th century wrote a book called "The Adventures of Hajii Baba of Isfahan" .

          Two French painters called Texier, Eugene Flandin and a French architect called Pascal Coste published illustrated books, from different cities and historical monuments.

          Marcel Dieulafoy and Jane Dieulafoy were famous travelers who have left remarkable descriptions and photos. Lord George Curzon (1859-1925) wrote a book called "The Question of Persia, which gives detailed description on Persia in 1892, and also about Isfahan.





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