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Mongol to Timurid Period

Mongol to Timurid

 After Seljuk dynasty the city declined and lost its importance Mongol, Timurid rulers in Esfahan. When Mongol invaded Iran a great battle took place on the suburb of Isfahan in 1228 and the city was invaded too. A significant part of Isfahan's population was killed and a prominent part of population had to leave Isfahan. Many glorious monuments were destroyed and the most important city of Iran was converted into ruins, but some of buildings survived.

 The Barbar Mongols who invaded Isfahan were highly influenced by Iranian and Islamic culture. Some of these Mongols were so deeply changed, who started to redevelop the city again.

Oljaitu the second Il- Khanid ruler developed the city reasonably. Il- Khanids ruled for short period and they were succeeded by Injuid and Mozaffarid. They were vanished by Tamerlane's invasions which happened in 1387. More than 75 thousands of Isfahan's population was slaughtered. The invaders made pyramids by head of killed people. Fortunately several buildings were not destroyed. Many artists, masters and craftsmen of Isfahan were sent to Samarghand to work for Tamerlane who created some of the most glorious buildings.

In the first half of 15th century Timurids lost a great part of Iran, by two Turkmen tribes Qara- Quyunlu (the Black sheep) and Aq- Quyunlo (the white sheep). The two mentioned tribes ruled in Isfahan , for a very short time in 15th century.

In 1499 Ismail who was a relative of white sheep (Grand son of Uzun Hassan of white sheep) came to power and established the Safavid dynasty. The most glorious era of Isfahan development was begun by Safavids.




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