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          Great civilizations have grown up beside rivers; Zayandeh Rud River is a vital lifeline, which runs through Isfahan . It has created beauty and prosperity for the city. The river is originated from Zagros Mountains, from the west of Isfahan . It flows from various springs of Zagres Mountains , passes through hundreds of villages, towns and finally it is ended in Gavkhuni swamp. It is the most important central river in Iran . The river is about 270 Km. Long. Zayandeh Rud means “The life giving river”. The city of Isfahan is located at the edge of desert. The average rainfall is about 100 millimeters per year. Beauty, gardens, parks and all greeneries of Isfahan have taken life from this river.


          As mentioned beautiful springs of river appear in Chahar Mahal – e- Bakhtiary province on the west of Isfahan . Springs join to each other and streams of water flow through mountainous era, facing to the southeast. Almost 4/000/000 people of two provinces depend on Zayandeh Rud. Springs of Caroon River , which is one of the largest in Iran are located on the same area. Zayandeh Rud is not sufficient for such a daily increased population; therefore it has been linked to Caroom. Huge tunnels have been constructed at the bottom of mountains in order to divert Caroon water to Zayandeh Rud.


          The main sources of Caroon River are located on the western slope of Kuhrang range.  

Tunnel construction for this purpose has started since Safavid dynasty to enlarge Zayndeh Rud. During winter and spring seasons the river was stronger, but in summer the river was weakened. The Kuhrang Dam was built in 1971 which is very vital for the river.

In the 17th century six artificial canals were made in Isfahan city, with more than 30 branches, which distributed among not only towns, villages, but also in different quarters of city. These canals were named Madies. Some parts of the old Madies have survived, but major parts have vanished due to illogical urban expansion.


At the present time more towns and villages receive Zayandeh Rud River , through pipelines, such as Yazd , Kashan, … .      



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