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About the Council


Description of Duties

Address: Esfahan-ChaharBaghBall Ave-Hazrate Yahya -
Council Members
Rules and Regulations

Explain of  Duties

Constitution and council

Organizational Chart of City Council

Administration Act, the duties of Islamic councils and elected mayors Electoral Act 1357

Important regulatory functions in paragraph 3 of Article 71 of the Law Council of Councils

Administration Act and duties of councils and municipal elections of 1375 Amendment Act of 1382

The main duties of observers monitoring the implementation of paragraph 8 of Article 71 of the Law Council City Council

Law Amendment Act, Duties and Islamic councils and municipal elections Electoral  Act of 1375 Reform 1386

Instruction duties, composition, and managing committees of council

Eleven of the assembly elections, the fifth president of the Islamic Council
Internal regulations of the Council

Commission &Committees


Commission on Civil, Architectural and Environmental

 East Supervisory Committee

Commission schedule, funding and legal affairs

 West Supervisory Committee

Commissioner of Transport, Environment and Information Technology

 Supervisory Committee Central

Cultural Committee - Social

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